This app can manage your entire delivery business, with ease.

PODxpress gives you the power to do hi-tech logistics deliveries, plan operations better and go paperless.

And you can do all this in just four steps:

  • Upload orders

    1. Upload orders

  • Assign to agents

    2. Assign to agents

  • Track them live

    3. Track them live

  • Bill using PoDs

    4. Bill using PODs


Keep track of your operations

Know where your delivery agents are at any point of time


Managing delivery operations everyday is a time consuming and complex job for any transporter.

To simplify this, PODxpress lets you track your delivery agents in real-time and know where they are at any given point of time.

You can also see a historical playback of agents that will help you analyse their delivery patterns.


Avoid delays in billing with POD

Also, give yourself a more professional image


PODxpress helps you achieve a continuous cash flow by reducing your billing cycle time with proof of deliveries.

The best part is that you can choose the types of PoDs that suit your business needs:

+ Coming soon


Pay per delivery

Choose from our flexi-plans that grow along with your business

PODxpress adapts to your needs even if you have a small business model or a large one.

What’s more, you are only charged for the number of orders you add per month. PODxpress lets you avail all of its features regardless of the plan you choose. There is also a free Android® app.

Check out our plans to find the best one for you!


Enrol unlimited users

Just enter their phone number to add them, it’s that easy!


What’s more, PODxpress has a simple yet secure employee structure that controls what different users can see and do.

Admins and users have a web-portal to plan and monitor your business and delivery agents get an Android® based delivery app.

Also, to simplify the process of agent enrolment, they receive an SMS on how to install and use the app.

Check out the PODxpress app:

  • play store
  • iOS

Stay alert with MIS reports

Take better business decisions with our status and progress reports


PODxpress has several reports that provide a detailed analysis of your delivery agent’s performance as well as the status of your orders.

Also, with SMS and email auto-alerts you can stay updated on the go.

With these features you can take the right decisions for business at every step.

The rest of our features


Smart assignment filters

With filters you can quickly find and assign orders, making management of delivery agents easy.


Custom order format

Define the order data you collect as per your business needs. Configure it to connect with 3rd party systems.


Customer tracking page

Be like the big players. Give your consignees an order tracker with your branding on it.


Proof of attempt

Document the effort of your agents via location, time, and photos; even if deliveries are unsuccessful.


Turn-by-turn navigation

Cut down delivery time with Google Maps integrated into the app. It can be accessed from the order screen.


Integration ready

PODxpress can connect with 3rd party systems to receive order data and send delivery updates.


Data export

Data is meant to be shared. Email or download PoDs and reports to audit your business offline.


PowerBI dashboard

PODxpress comes with a dashboard to give you a graphical overview of your operations in real-time.


Easy to use app

Not every agent is comfortable with technology, so the app has a simple layout and process.

PODxpress — it’s easy to use and easy on the pocket.

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